Pioneering Local Manufacturing in Abu Dhabi's Industrial Landscape

Positioned as ASOS's manufacturing arm, ASOEM represents diversity, strategic partnerships, and local production.

Who We Are

Nestled in a 30,000 sqm industrial complex in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, our facility embodies a vision for local manufacturing, serving as the conduit for collaboration with ASOS principals. ASOEM is not just a facility; it's a testament to our devotion to local industry, innovation, and progress in the UAE.

In-country Value (ICV)

Enhancing Local Economy and Competitiveness. Since 2017, ASOS has been a committed member, aligning with principles such as local investments, Emiratization of the workforce, supporting local goods/services, recognizing expat contributions, and fostering external income generation. Certification under this program offers competitive advantages in tender and contract awards.

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Local Manufacturing

ASOS Aligns with UAE's ICV Initiative for Local Manufacturing, Transforming Supply Chain and Embracing Emiratization. Committed to economic development, ASOS challenges the import trend, empowers UAE nationals, and aims to be a leading local manufacturing company across sectors.

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Emiratisation is at the heart of our operations

Ali & Sons Values Employees as Invaluable Assets, Nurturing Talent Through the 'Almassar Program.' Our commitment to fostering young Emirati talents positions a new generation to carry forward our legacy of collaboration, excellence, and integrity. We prioritize a safe and nurturing workspace that enables professional growth and personal development for our valued employees.

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