Pioneering the Local Oil & Gas Industry since 1979

Ali & Sons recognizes the essential impact of localization within the industry. We take pride in our engagement with localization initiatives as we are actively investing in fostering local talents and local manufacturing.


Fueling the Future: Navigating the Oil and Gas Landscape

From upstream exploration to downstream distribution, our divisions seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and strategic expertise to meet the world's energy demands while charting a course towards a greener future

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Our Journey

ASOS has enjoyed much growth and progression over our many years in the industry. Learn more about our history and key milestones.

Ali & Sons Oil & Gas Establishment

The company is established with core representation of foreign companies.

Ali & Sons Oil & Gas Establishment

The company is established with core representation of foreign companies.

Expanding Horizons

The company has diversified its operations by venturing into the realm of in-house risk drilling services. This expansion not only positions the organization as a comprehensive player in the energy sector but also mitigates external dependencies, fostering greater control over critical aspects of the drilling process.


The Unveiling of Our Oil & Gas Identity

Our company proudly unveils its rebranding to 'Oil & Gas.' This transformation reflects our commitment to the dynamic energy sector, symbolizing a renewed focus on innovation, resilience, and global impact

Local Impact, Global Vision

This emphasis on local manufacturing indicates a commitment to producing goods within the UAE, which contributes to the country’s economic development.

ASOEM as the Manufacturing Powerhouse

ASOEM has been officially established as the manufacturing arm of ASOS. This integration solidifies our commitment to streamlined production, ensuring quality and efficiency as we elevate our brand to new heights in the global market."

Our PRODUCTS & Services

We Offer Different Services

Upstream Division
Drilling Solutions
Upstream division
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Chemical Process
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Al Massar  -  Our Emiratisation Program

Al Massar

We Build Careers

Emiratisation is an initiative by the United Arab Emirates. Its goal is to help more Emirati nationals succeed and progress in their careers in both the public and private sectors.

Al Massar is our Emiratisation Program, and it’s the path to a meaningful, fulfilling career at Ali & Sons Group. The focus of the program is growth — we want to give our Emirati team members the means to develop their skills, discover themselves, and constantly improve.

The goal is not just to give back to our Emirati community, but also to guide our associates to be the best they possibly can be — for themselves, their families, our group, and the country of the UAE as a whole, both now and in the future. Al Massar is all about personal career development, passing down experience and wisdom to a new generation.

The program involves training UAE nationals over 12 months in various departments of Ali & Sons, allowing them to gain valuable experiences, build lasting skills, and put their learning to use in the real world. We will show our Emirati team members how to apply and develop their competitive skills and achieve success and recognition in the private sector.

If you are a UAE National, please send your CV to

Our Emiratisation program recruiter will contact you with exciting career options.


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