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Pioneering the Local Oil & Gas Industry Since 1979

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About Us

Established in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi in 1979, Ali & Sons has emerged as a dominant player in the Oil & Gas industry. Pioneering the journey, Ali & Sons Oilfield Supplies and Services (ASOS) took the pioneering stride as the group’s initial venture and stands as the cornerstone of our diversified business endeavours nowadays.

In a pivotal role, ASOS has guided and empowered our esteemed partners, contributing
significantly to the acquisition and execution of substantial contracts. Our impeccable track record is a testament to our dedication. As part of our commitment to diversify our operations and expand our market exposure, the company has proactively ventured into the domain of own risk drilling services. This strategic expansion showcases our readiness to embrace new challenges while continuing to set industry benchmarks.

Ali & Sons recognizes the essential impact of localization within the industry. We take pride in our engagement with localization initiatives as we are actively investing in fostering local talents and local manufacturing.

Embedded in our core, ASOS continues to be unwavering in delivering turnkey energy solutions. This commitment is executed via its upstream and downstream divisions diligently curated to serve both public and private entities with unparalleled precision and innovative fervour.

Our Mission

ASOS is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services through well-trained, qualified staff and effective processes, representing local and foreign manufacturers, service companies, mills and suppliers.

Our Vision

To be a premier conglomerate recognised as a destination of high-quality products, superior services and customer care, bridging the gap within well-development and stable markets.

Our Values

At the heart of our work is a firm belief that ideas can effect change, especially when approached with creativity. We identify, improvise, and invest in ideas that offer sustainable growth for all our stakeholders across the business lifecycle. To this end, we concentrate on areas where we not only contribute but also add significant value. Moreover, we cherish our heritage and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to preserving it.

Ali & Sons Group

Established in 1979 in Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Holding LLC quickly transformed from its humble beginnings into a multi-faceted conglomerate, rebranding as Ali &Sons Holding LLC. Spearheaded by H.E. Ali bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri, theFounder and Chairman of The Family Council, the group ventured into diverse sectors of the local market. Ali & Sons has marked its dominance in areas like Automotive, Oil & Gas, Contracting, and more. Partnering with global powerhouses like Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi, it also promotes its own successful brands, such as Amwaj Jewellery and Eurostar Rent A Car, leveraging the group's commitment to quality and excellence.

Energy & Industrial Group

For over 40 years, Ali & Sons has stood out as a leading service provider in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and associated Energy and Industrial sectors.The Energy & Industrial division of Ali & Sons seamlessly integrates various departments to provide holistic contracting, construction, and service solutions. This encompasses Oil & Gas services, utilities and infrastructure development, facilities management, and marine engineering, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cater to diverse industry needs.

Our Journey

ASOS has enjoyed much growth and progression over our many years in the industry. Learn more about our history and key milestones.

Ali & Sons Oil & Gas Establishment

The company is established with core representation of foreign companies.

Ali & Sons Oil & Gas Establishment

The company is established with core representation of foreign companies.

Expanding Horizons

The company has diversified its operations by venturing into the realm of in-house risk drilling services. This expansion not only positions the organization as a comprehensive player in the energy sector but also mitigates external dependencies, fostering greater control over critical aspects of the drilling process.


The Unveiling of Our Oil & Gas Identity

Our company proudly unveils its rebranding to 'Oil & Gas.' This transformation reflects our commitment to the dynamic energy sector, symbolizing a renewed focus on innovation, resilience, and global impact

Local Impact, Global Vision

This emphasis on local manufacturing indicates a commitment to producing goods within the UAE, which contributes to the country’s economic development.

ASOEM as the Manufacturing Powerhouse

ASOEM has been officially established as the manufacturing arm of ASOS. This integration solidifies our commitment to streamlined production, ensuring quality and efficiency as we elevate our brand to new heights in the global market."


Driving us forward with talent, vision, innovation, and hard work