Our Mechanical division is a major player in the supply of equipment covering rotating equipment, generators, process equipment, piping and valves. It has a solid repute in the field of multi-phase pumping. It also markets centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps and cryogenic pumps, in addition to compressor packages, air breathing compressors. Since its inception, the division has grown to represent the leading multinational partners in the field of rotating, static and piping equipment. Set up to primarily serve the mega -projects in the country, the division is presently capable of meeting the requirements of diverse operations covering offshore, onshore, gas, refineries and petrochemical projects. The division has a solid reputation with its track record of achievements, and is backed by a dedicated team of sales engineers who process a combined wealth of experience in the specialized environment of the UAE and MENA region. Products and services under this division cover pumps , compressors , expansion Joints , valves , seals , bearings , couplings , multi -phase pumping systems , heat exchangers , pipes , fittings and flanges in different type materials etc…

The division serves the power generation segment’s growing needs for land-based and marine-type gas turbines from 50 KW to 60 MW capacities in stand-by as well as continuous mode operations. Mechanical division has significantly supported prime manufacturers of ball valves who procure their forging material from European sources. It also offers double block and bleed valves, various types of gate, globe and check valves and various types of actuators. The division has been highly commended for supply of choke valves on some of projects in the UAE where quality and reliability are of utmost importance.

Our Products

  • Manual, Gear and Actuated Valves
  • Compressors – Air Breathing
  • Corrosion Monitoring Systems
  • Down Hole Well Screens
  • Expansion Joints
  • Diesel Gensets
  • Coflexip Flexible Steel Drain Pipe for Floating Roof Tanks
  • GE Marine Engines and Spares
  • Pumps – All Types
  • Coflexip Tanks Rim Fire Protection Systems
  • RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes)

Our Services

  • Corrosion Monitoring Services
  • Water & Sewage Treatment EPC Commissioning
  • Flushing and Passivation of Pipe Networks and Systems