What we do?

ASOS is a major supplier of Mechanical, Chemical & Process, Instrumentation, Electrical and Control equipment to the Oil and Gas Industry, Water & Power plants and EPC contractors.

This thriving Company is based in the company’s head office in Abu Dhabi. Motivated staff is employed as sales engineers, representatives, buyers, expediters, service technicians and support staff. Annual sales have quadrupled over the last ten years and our client base has increased threefold. We supply a wide range of equipment and spare parts and act as sales representatives for some twenty five internationally well known manufacturers.

ASOS is associated with large and reputed manufacturers and contractors mainly from the U.S., Europe, CIS, the Subcontinent and the Far East. It comprises of Seven Divisions:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Instrumentation Control, Safety and Inspection
  3. Chemical & Process
  4. Projects and Services
  5. Drilling & Work-over

ASOS is ideally situated to serve companies and projects in the regional energy sector. The company is strongly committed to provide quality products and services. Besides the supply of the quality material as per customer requirements, our services include accurate delivery and after-sales support.